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M.I.A. – UNBREAK my Mixtape

Posted on August 21 2013


  • Margery: March 07, 2014

    The reasons for QuotesChimp superinflation vary, depending on whose opinion is being expressed. Ask the insurance industry and it will carry on about greedy lawyers bringing frivolous lawsuits that the insurance companies have to spend millions to defend. It will rail against unethical body shops that charge unconscion�able fees to repair damaged cars and about the outrageous costs of medical care.

  • Vipera: January 04, 2014

    Hi Priya! Thanks for your comment penorsally, I’ve not tried any Dior foundations. However, this YSL one has becom a firm favourite of mine, it’s flawless perfect (especially when I’m going to Indian dos!) YSL are really good with samples so I would recommend getting a sample before you splurge I hope that helps x

  • Baarbara: January 03, 2014

    Hey Kaushal, Thanks for posting! Would dieinetfly continue watching your tutorials What I especially liked about it was that it was reasonably well lighted & you filmed in HD, that you also had regular drugstore brands (not just high-end ones!) and that you sped up some bits to shorten the vid. I really like how you don’t over do things the nude lips with the smoked eyes looks fab

  • Okojia: January 01, 2014

    You look so pretty with these curls Kaushal I agree, I tend to find them tight for my linkig as well. The calmed down effect is what I can wear out. Totally worth the money though!

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