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Blue Caprice

Posted on August 19 2013


  • Mattingly: March 07, 2014

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  • Tan: January 02, 2014

    Fascinating insight into agent inettrigy. Some past loves:“I love books that shed new light on something in pop culture, media culture, and everyday life. In terms of fiction, I like Southern fiction, experimental fiction, and cross-cultural novels. Quirky, funny, edgy, or naughty book ideas are always welcome in my inbox, and bonus points go to any authors that can make me laugh.”

  • Oksana: January 01, 2014

    - You two are amazing! They were such a sweet coulpe to work with and it’s great to see their love for each other come through on film. You captured their day perfectly Erika and Lydon will cherish this forever!

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