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The PXL Interview on Sturban

Posted on April 12 2013

We've had a long standing relationship with Sturban... 

So was great to be interviewed for their blog this week - check the results here!


  • Lissa: March 07, 2014

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  • Jaaisha: January 02, 2014

    Barnet seems to be going in totally difrefent directions. On the one hand promoting Barnet Active, trying to get Barnet residents more active. And on the other hand not actively supporting sport in the borough by cutting out spaces to perform sports and recreation. Doesn’t make any sense. How much is it going to cost Barnet eventually in the long run when obesity rates will soar to even higher rates ?

  • Tunggul: January 01, 2014

    Supporting LEAF is reflective of good cnioummty citizenship and values in support of our cnioummty of Scenic Acres as a whole. Having recently canvassed around my home streets, I have been encouraged by the demonstration of such values from so many neighbours. Conversations around all sorts of issues that are valuable to our cnioummty arose and gave us something to connect about. As cnioummty residents we should take any advantage to be part of making our cnioummty better for everyone, not just our personal property but showing pride and support for others. I particularly like the fact that we, as residents, will have control over how our cnioummty greenspaces are cared for. This will only increase property value for everyone. Just taking a walk around one can see the neglect in these places. Being neighbourly and cnioummty-minded is one of the great strengths of our cnioummty I was pleased to see so much of those values being upheld still by so many cnioummty-minded citizens!. What a great place we live in!

  • sturban clothing: April 13, 2013

    It was great to chat and to let everybody know what is behind the brand and you have some interesting stuff to say also

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