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Posted on March 11 2013



  • Tina: March 07, 2014

    A s things stand right now, regulators permit insurers to charge too much for several of their commodities. Quotes Chimp method to fight this indignation is to demand that your state legislature create the political office of a Public Advocate.

  • Fehmi: January 04, 2014

    1.) It is a disability! I made atomiibus pictures since the 1980b4s. Ok i am apologized because i was a teenager when i thought oh Nikon is the best brand for 35mm Cameras. I never stop to make images. But today i do this with every possibility i can catch. For example: I liked my old Nokia Smartphone camera of the early 2000 years, with that surreal distortion and defocus effect and that special magenta color fault only this smartphone camera has. With that i took pictures that i canb4t take anymore today (until i buy another one on ebay) with that very unique look and now i believe, the camera (tool) doesn’t matter, it is only the artist who makes the image (artwork in any case) and not technology or the tools. For now, my range of technologies i do photography has a much broader range than before, since i love defocused, dark, fault exposition and even noise of film or digital on my images and my experience that only a very few technologies could make better images like less distortion or more sharpness or resolution. But therefore it is no more the matter of brands than more the matter of a bigger format like Medium or large format photography. Now i take the best images with every possible camera i can grab and i like it very much to test every even the cheapest cameras. Or putting things in front of my lenses like Tee glasses or other non compatible optics. But i love doing perfect images too. But what is perfection? There are some images i did with my actual smartphone i canb4t take this picture with that force with my professional Cameras . I found it funny but i do not care, it is only the result and the feeling behind a picture, or the atmosphere that is the only importance for me. And now i have much more productive equipment than ever before!2.) But, and there is always a but, for me Blender has the ability to change the world for artists who wants to use a 3D Images software. Because now one can do realize Projects with no or low budget. Therefore i hope this will bring a new Wave of who can realize projects like independent or even commercial but creative and new Games or short or even longer Movies and Computer Images. It opens also a door for artists who are not 3D Artist in the first case. I am a poor book author and i will realize some images for my next novel and i was looking for solutions on the market. I dreamed of Maya but it will keep a dream. At the first time i met Blender it was not the thinking oh i donb4t cost anything so this can only be garbage it was more the fact that to learn a 3D Software and to become a 3D Artist will take many time and effort to do this. Therefore the choice of the right tool stands at the beginning of a very long and intensive way to become a good 3D Artist. Many friends of mine told me, please think over this very good before you use or learn a software with this giant complexity. But i donb4t have the choice to take or learn or use another tool because of the costs. For me now i have the possibility to visualized that scenes of my novel i have in my head and the results are getting better than my imagination. And that is more than i expected!But the biggest problem for the blender project is its reputation, because many of my friends where not so sure if Blender is good or powerful or professional enough that was for me also an aspect. But researching in the internet showed me the power of Blender. So that i have to thank everyone very deeply who is involve in the blender project for the software development and education, the great tutorials and people who did this in their free time! I hope in my future i can give a bit back to you for your help!

  • Anna: January 03, 2014

    18 Feb ’11 4:25 am by I can understand your concnres Greg, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Jonathan and Wes are both good guys and I’m sure that they will do the right thing by everyone. Remember this is something that could backfire on them too should things go wrong at Blenderartists which could put Blendercookie’s brand in a bad light. So it’s a big risk for them too.

  • Roel: January 01, 2014

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