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Posted on January 29 2013

Trinidad James - All Gold Everything - reeeemix!

Still loving the original...

And after years, I'm ready for a 50 Cent come back... 

Not that keen on the Adam Levine/ Eminem joint - but 'Major Distribution' feat Jeezy and Snoop this is the shiiiiit!

And this Drizzie Drake video is A-MAY-ZING-LY corny but we love it!

DIsclosure - White Noise - Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!


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  • Thirafi: January 02, 2014

    I still think Jarule will end this guy’s life. There’s no way you can humiliate a man like that,end his socure of income and then laugh at him when he goes to jail. I think 50 s gonna get shot one of these days all this shyt he does is gonna catch up to him.This whole T.i thing just made me lose any form of respect i had for 50 cuz 1 he didnt have to respond cuz T.i wasnt tryna diss and 2 it’s none of his fuckin business what another man and his wife decide to do and 3 how the fuck can any grown man consider letting his wife take the blame for something he did. 50 cent’s the ultimate coward, the man is a snitch, a pig, an ugly fitlhy lookin ass monkey and he’s probably the reason why hiphop music aint selling as much and why hiphop aint really what it used to be anymore. Dude just fucked everythin up i fuckin hate this man. someone need to take him out the game

  • Gloria: January 02, 2014

    Ok another made up lil b fryestele this nigga is simpleyoung based god bitch please respect my features new fitted hat same color as my sneakers pretty boi swag old school like beepers straight outta berkley nigga coming wit a heater your hoes on my dick all do is beat her hoe u think I need this? Bitch on my dick cuz I look like Jesus ya I do it big like homie outta brooklyn just did a show in ny had everybody cookinCmon son

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