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A week (or so...) in Instagram

Posted on January 20 2013

So we've been working flat out on the AW13 collection for a tradeshow next week...

Expect a bigger range, better quality, better designs... jackets, snapbacks, strapbacks, bobble hats, sweats, Ts for days!

Thanks to Jaegermeister for dropping this bad boy off along with a case of Jaeger - Friday's will never be the same again!

Our good friend Ed Sheeran rocks the 'I Love You' Tshirt while on tour in the states!

X Factor winner (and credible artist) rocks the PXL 'Corrupt Kid' snapback!

Just received our embroidered badge for a jacket we're working on...

Thanks to @tegosigel for the JAy-Z autobiography...

Need to find the time to get into this!

The OMG aka WTF £15 a sweatshirt sale is still going - ltd stock left!

Shout to our people! Koder is definitely going to blow this year! And he's a big fan of the brand! Here he's rocking the 'Corrupt Kid' snapback...

I like turtles... actually it's a terrapin who lives at the legendary Hoborn Studios...

...where we were producing an ad campaign for JD with the legend @aareynaga and crew

Shout to @imjusplaying - rocking the PXL 'Cross Swords' snapback up in the club...

Spotted this Scientology advert - If I join do I get to ride in the space ship and be a film star like TC??? "...that's Tom Cruise" 

The OMG aka WTF £10 a Tshirt SALE is still on the go! Very ltd stock - head to our shop now!


A shot we took of (some of) Roll Deep and Wiley back in 2003 for Wiley's album...

Check the Akadmks tracksuits and stoopid import low rider bikes

US work permit approved!

Special packages for special people!

Matching sweatshirt and hat!

Thanks to @mrfuckyoupayme for the Instagram love...


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  • Niz: January 02, 2014

    Ohhhhhhh.. I’m with you.. I’ve been lolling about in bed, spiping tons of honey and lemon.. Ro — from whom I caught this cold! — is perfectly content building with Lego and watching Blue’s Clues, instead of doing math. Never mind, enjoy the rest, and get well soon :)

  • Chuck: January 01, 2014

    Love this!! I’m actually not awinllog myself to buy any new clothes over the past few months and was thinking this would be a great way to ata strong. Have already done a few outfit remixes. I think I’ll start following along with this on Instagram. Finally following you :) happy weekend!

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