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Wretch 32 GRM Daily freestyle

Posted on November 21 2013

Good to see Wretch putting some bars down again!


  • Gerri: March 07, 2014

    Under-Insured driver. As QuotesChimp mentioned previously, having a strong uninsured driver protection is all but essential. In addition an indorsement for under-insured drivers is, in addition, significant.

  • Bruno: January 03, 2014

    Dear Sir,jivan ek geet ahe,Ganare sagalech ahe pan,sukh kasha madhe asta ? ya prasnhache ekach shabdat uttar ahe… samadhanat ! keshav tharat yani yogya dilele ahe sukh he phoolat, phalat, mansat,kontyahi gostit ahe.pan hi gost manane kabul keli pahije! Mag sagalikade shantateche vatavaran rahin.Regard Amol Shinde

  • Kim: January 02, 2014

    Hi Francis,Thanks for sharing this with me! I think that your team is in a uniuqe position because you know and understand the medium with which you are working. Traditional outlets, not so much. Even if it’s not pitching, the questions that I am sometimes asked show a complete lack of knowledge on how to work PR online, let alone pitch bloggers.There are certainly bloggers who are more similar to journalists and can be treated as such, but the smaller-scale, new-to-the-game bloggers are more-than-likely not used to working with PR people. You can’t cold pitch a blogger like you would a journalist and that’s something people not used to working in the medium don’t understand.I agree with you in disputing the seasoned marketers claim that someone not in digital couldn’t possibly develop a relationship because you aren’t a Web 2.0 agency, but there is a disconnect between that and saying that all bloggers can be treated like journalists.My problem with your argument (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that you don’t seem to think that the smaller-scale bloggers count enough to be pitched to at all. Online outreach specialists understand that all bloggers count if they are appropriate targets regardless of how many people read they have.I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Lukinhaa: December 30, 2013

    Never heard such a complex flow, Been a fan of Lupe’s since Kick Push, but the lil wayne’ gyrmmas overshadowed him unfairly. Topical, intelligent, complex rhyme patterns and smart hooks. This freestyle shows what he is all about, big up Keith and the boys from The Prodigy too

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